Cosytoes Heating Products

“That warm comfortable feeling begins with the feet”

Cosytoes® Heating Products are a well-established British company that has been involved in manufacturing and selling electric underfloor heating in the UK and Europe for nearly two decades. We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and excellent customer service.

Range includes:

TradeMat Plus
For larger areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and conservatories. Mats are faster to install and have a fixed cable space that gives a pleasant even spread of heat over the floor surface. TradeMat Plus is powerful at 150w per square metre, is suitable for wet rooms and designed for general floor warming.

Loose Cable & Decoupling Mat
A range of heating cable specially designed to fit cable carrier decoupling mats for installation in small to large areas.

Softmat has been designed for use under laminate and manufactured hardwood flooring. This system has a foil heat exchanger for even distribution of heat through the floor surface.

A timerstat is essential for the most efficient energy use as it controls when your heating will come on, turn off and the temperature that you wish the floor to be.